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Batch cooking chef

What is a batch cooking chef?

If you want to eat healthier, stay away from ultra-processed products and you don't have time to cook during the day, hire a batch cooking chef.

a batch cooking chef will help you stay in shape and budget providing you with a pile of fancy tuppers full of delicacies, just like mum's cooking!.

Batch coking, what is it all about?

Batch cooking is the process of preparing several recipes at the same time, combining them to be more productive and storing them correctly for consumption in the following days.

Technically, batch cooking does not involve freezing the food, but rather keeping it in the fridge, but you can also use this option, especially if you plan to consume it in the long term and not within 3 days.

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What is batch cooking?

Healthy and eco-friendly

This new trend not only helps us to avoid fast food, eat homemade food and save time, but also allows us to be more respectful of the environment.

Knowing what you are going to eat during the week allows us to buy only what we are going to consume, avoiding wasting food and money.

There are very few foods that cannot be frozen, such as some sauces or vegetables normally used for salads.

However, these foods can be kept in the fridge and, if possible, consumed during the first few days.

Cheap and efficient

A batch cooking chef will come to your home two to three times a week depending on whether you want food for the whole week or just for work days.

The chef will cook for you, placing everything in ready-to-eat Tuppers that you can eat at home or take to work to eat there.

This way you reduce the total number of hours of the Chef's service and you can benefit from the Chef working at times when he/she does not normally have other work commitments.

Being a workaholic is no longer an issue for foodies

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How much does a batch cooking chef cost?

For a family between one and four:

The following prices have been calculated for batch cooking for 1 to 4 people, if you need to cook for more people you can ask us for a tailor-made quotation.

The chef will also advise you about the necessary utensils to be able to store the food correctly.

We always recommend glass containers and platinum type silicone.

Batch cooking chef pricing between 2 and 4 people

Batch cooking chef for the full week:
£425 (Tue-Thu-Sat from 8am till 12pm) will cook for you 3 days a week.

Batch cooking chef for working days:
£275 (Mon-Wed from 8am till 12pm), will cook for you 2 days a week.

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