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Many families now have their own housekeeper service to recover some "me-time"

A housekeeper will relieve all the stress making sure that the housework gets done on time to just focus on the things you enjoy. Many families have found that having a housekeeper is a great benefit.

Finally, there is not much time in our busy and demanding lives to sustainably maintain all household chores.

In some cases, housework is too much for our physical possibilities, significantly if we are convalescing or reaching a certain age: having a huge home doesn't help much either.

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Live-in housekeeper VS live-out housekeeper pros & cons

 Live-in housekeeper pros

  • Housekeeper’s salary is reduced

    Live-in housekeepers reside in the home they work. The family must provide accommodation as well as cover their daily meals. These compensations are understood to be payments in kind which contribute towards the housekeeper’s salary, thus lowering the overall hourly cost.

  • Housekeeper availability

    With an opt-out agreement, you can expect your housekeeper to be on call 72 hours a week. Forget about your employees being late because of traffic, or public transport: They will always be on time if they live at home.

 Live-in housekeeper cons

  • Privacy

    Sharing your home space with an employee might translate into a slight loss of privacy unless you dispose of separate living quarters for the domestic staff.

  • Giving up part of your home

    As mentioned above, live-in housekeepers are entitled to a room in the house; this is an inherent right that becomes part of the salary as payment in kind while working in the house.

 Live-out housekeeper pros

  • Low requirements same performance

    Live-out housekeepers are ideal for smaller households where perhaps, no extra rooms are available, and cleaning tasks may not require excessive time; whether your Fabergé eggs need dusting or your 16th-century Dutch tapestry need vacuuming, a part-time housekeeper can do it all.

    • Flexibility

      Part-time arrangements can be quite flexible. At Nomenial we will help you find someone who can adapt to your timetable as long as we allow workers to establish a fixed schedule compatible with other jobs.

     Live-out housekeeper cons

    • Higher turnover

      Short-hour jobs tend to be less attractive and have higher turnover than full-time jobs. Nomenial guarantees the replacement of your employee for up to one year: so you can have peace of mind.

    • Extra expenses

      For short-term jobs, there is a greater need to compensate for travel to the workplace. Particularly in remote locations, employers will be required to cover traveling expenses, and in some cases, employees could be entitled to claim compensation for travel time.

How much does a housekeeper cost?

Factors commonly considered to hire a housekeeper with the right salary

The cost of experienced cleaner housekeeper should be evaluated and weighed against the benefits. factors such as experience or special training requirements may alter the price. One factor to take into account is the use of a vehicle: In some cases the employee is required to bring his or her own vehicle, or must also bring it because of the location of the job. In these cases a price per mile must be applied which should not be less than 45 pence per mile.

Live-out housekeeper price

In general, the hourly rate would be between £14 and £20.

Live-in housekeeper price

In general, the hourly rate would be between £12 and £18.

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Emily Warren 46, London

I work in the City of London and have both a nanny and a housekeeper from Nomenial. I was looking, from the very beginning, for an agency without the picture of a castle in the background: the staff and service of Nomenial are down to earth and friendly - we speak the same language

Michael Brown 51, Manchester

Would highly recommend. I searched around for different options for hiring a live in nanny and then stumbled across Nomenial. Excellent service - cheaper than all the other options.

Cindy Thomas 48, Leeds

It took them several weeks to eventually find me a housekeeper - but i don't mind too much because in the end it was worth the wait. I live in a remote village so I was worried about being able to find someone.

Martha Reynolds 56, London

Very attentive staff. Would recommend and use their services again if needed.

Oliver McKee 49, Edimburgh

To be honest it was a little bit more expensive than I was initially hoping to pay for a nanny, but in fairness the service was excellent and they did make my life easier.

Johnathan Folks 52, London

I'm very satisfied with the service that our family have received from nomenial. It would've been so much more difficult without them to find a housekeeper as flexible.