Carer -

Why a carer

Because sometimes and extra hand is needed

If you're having trouble coping with daily tasks like washing, dressing, and getting out and about, you might want to explore in-home care. You don't want to end up in a nursing home.

Carers are trained to address your loved one's specific needs. Not only does this provide great care for a senior, but it also gives a family much-needed respite and peace of mind.

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Differences between live-in and live-out carers?

Live-in carer

Live in carers live in the home of the family they work for.

The family should furnish them with their very own room and the vital day by day suppers. These remunerations are perceived to be payments in kind which contribute towards the gross salary, in this way bringing down the in general hourly expense of recruiting the live in carer.

Besides, if a person engages the services of a live-in carer and subsequently applies for support from the municipality for home care, the value of the home will not be taken into account in the financial assessment (as opposed to people applying for a place in a home care residence), and the chances of financing improve.

Live-out carer

A live-out carer is a flexible option for those in need of little to no supervision, ad hoc help to get out of bed, personal grooming, and those who may need a hand with shopping, running errands or basic meal preparation.

It is also an excellent way to introduce care into a home as some people can be apprehensive about it at first sight.

Carer doing grocery for an elderly couple

Carer's common tasks

From light housekeeping to running errands, a carer will help you keep your routine up and running

Home care is the type of attention that brings the most benefits to our elderly. As opposed to solitude or generic care, a private care provides individuality and personalisation. This translates into greater well-being, greater autonomy and greater confidence.

Carers do shopping


Maintaining and itinerary of food and household supplies. Help with purchasing the shopping and taking it home..

Carers do medical appointments

Medical appointments

Booking doctor appointments and arranging and organising visits. Help getting to and from the doctor’s surgery and hospital.

Carers do bathrrom help

Bathroom help

Assistance with washing and cleaning, moving in and out of the bathroom, going to the toilet and maintaining basic hygiene and health.

Carers do recreational activities

Recreational activities

Enjoyable and stimulating activities in order to help maintain both mental and emotional wellness with appropriate cognitive training.

Carers do cleaning


Cleaning and tidying the house with regularity. Maintaining an orderly, tidy and hygienic environment to be in.

Carers do help with medication


Assistance reminding essential medication in the correct dosages and at the correct times of the day.

Carers do cooking


Cooking and preparing snacks and meals at the appropriate times and with the correct nutritional value in accordance to your dietary needs.

Carers do first aid

First aid

Small daily medical treatments and help with any medical of first aid emergency that may arise.


How much does it cost?

How much should I pay to my carer?

In some cases carers are limited to support work in the home, in other cases they need to have nursing skills to carry out complex dressings or procedures such as handling a catheter or replacing a colostomy bag.

The level of qualification will determine the carer's salary, which will always be proportional to the responsibilities acquired. Considering those facts, rates would be somewhere in the range of £12 and £25 some factors may make it more expensive.

Carer helps walking an old man

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To be honest it was a little bit more expensive than I was initially hoping to pay for a nanny, but in fairness the service was excellent and they did make my life easier.

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I'm very satisfied with the service that our family have received from nomenial. It would've been so much more difficult without them to find a housekeeper as flexible.