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Why a nanny?

Reasons to hire a nanny

A nanny is a domestic worker who can assist a family by looking after their children either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Some nannies live with the family and others don’t. Finding the correct nanny for you and your family can be challenging. Nevertheless, when the correct choice is made, it can greatly improve the quality of life of everyone in your family – parents and children alike.

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What to expect from a nanny

Basic nanny tasks

There are many tasks that can be performed by a nanny to help the family. These could include typical tasks such as feeding, bathing, and dressing the child. They may also include helping out with the family’s daily routine, and providing supervision when the parents are absent.

Live-in nanny

A live-in nanny is a nanny who lives with the family that he or she is helping. Many families who are very busy and have demanding schedules find that this is a great option for them because it ensures that they have the upmost flexibility with the support that they receive. The timetable of the nanny can be fit around the family’s schedule.

Only childminding?

There are various tasks that a nanny or childminder may perform in the house. These include meal preparation, general upkeep of main living areas such as the living room and kitchen, sweeping the floor, and changing the children’s bed sheets.

Other responsibilities may include doing the laundry, general upkeep of the children’s play areas and bedrooms, as well as possibly running light household errands and shopping. A nanny may also perform other household or child minding tasks provided that they have been agreed upon in advance.

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How much does it cost?

How to calculate a nanny's salary

There are many factors to consider when calculating a nanny's salary. Training (which will determine the extent to which she will be able to help children with their homework), language skills (to enrich the children's education).

Other aspects such as experience and specific training in childcare will also increase the price. The hourly rate can range from £12 to £20 on average.

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Emily Warren 46, London

I work in the City of London and have both a nanny and a housekeeper from Nomenial. I was looking, from the very beginning, for an agency without the picture of a castle in the background: the staff and service of Nomenial are down to earth and friendly - we speak the same language

Michael Brown 51, Manchester

Would highly recommend. I searched around for different options for hiring a live in nanny and then stumbled across Nomenial. Excellent service - cheaper than all the other options.

Cindy Thomas 48, Leeds

It took them several weeks to eventually find me a housekeeper - but i don't mind too much because in the end it was worth the wait. I live in a remote village so I was worried about being able to find someone.

Martha Reynolds 56, London

Very attentive staff. Would recommend and use their services again if needed.

Oliver McKee 49, Edimburgh

To be honest it was a little bit more expensive than I was initially hoping to pay for a nanny, but in fairness the service was excellent and they did make my life easier.

Johnathan Folks 52, London

I'm very satisfied with the service that our family have received from nomenial. It would've been so much more difficult without them to find a housekeeper as flexible.