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Maid VS housekeeper

Some differences to help you out

Here are subtle differences between a maid and a housekeeper, and why they should not be confused; a maid in the UK usually provides basic cleaning service.

A housekeeper, on the other hand, can either live in or live out a housekeeper in a private home you might employ a maid to make short, regular visits, rather than hiring them full time, whereas a Housekeeper would generally spend more time working for one family within one property or estate, a maid would not double down as a baby sitter.

Maid cleaning

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Which one do you need? (a few pointers to help you decide)

Property size

For a households over 5 bedrooms, ideally, a housekeeper is your best bet; for smaller properties, a maid will suffice.

Live in or live-out

It would depend on the number of tasks required, but ideally, housekeepers are better suited for a live-in role; they clean, tidy, and manage laundry along with other duties, such as cooking, shopping, pet care, and childcare.

Live in or live out?

Live-in is not for maids. Normally, the live-in positions are more commonly attended by housekeepers.

Tasks and duties other than cleaning

Both Maids and Housekeepers will perform basic tasks such as cleaning, shopping but cooking, pet care, and childcare, running errands, school drop-offs & pick-ups fall under the housekeeper's purview, since a maid may just come once or twice a week.


Initially, it will depend on your daily needs, although the hourly rate for large urban areas is fairly similar.

Flexibility needs?

For those seeking round the clock flexibility and a complete hands-on approach, a Maid might not be a good choice if you expect the professional to alter their priorities to fit in with the needs of the household round the clock; ideally, a Housekeeper in a live-in capacity would be the best choice.

Would they need to travel or look after your property when you are away?

Housekeepers are better suited to travel with the family since in most cases are far more knowledgeable of all the technical aspects involving the day-to-day running of the house. Childcare + etc.

Housekeepers are better suited for this job in most cases, are insured to drive kids in their cars.

Maid duties

How much does it cost?

How much should I pay to my maid?

Although the hourly rate would be somewhere in the range of £10 and £18 some factors may make it more expensive. One element to consider is the utilization of a vehicle. In these cases a cost for every mile should be applied which ought not be under 45 pence per mile.

Maid working on home chores

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