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When we think of the role of chef and what it entails, we typically envision a chef as working in a restaurant, cafe or bar. We do not typically think to hire a personal chefs in households. Nevertheless, they do exist, and if you are a homeowner who wants to employ one of them, finding a good one can be a difficult process if you do not know exactly what to look for. Here we will explain how to hire a private chef, and how Nomenial makes this process easy for you.

Responsibilities of a personal chef

The responsibilities of a private chef, whilst similar to any other type of chef, are not exactly the same. They may vary slightly due to the fact that the environment in which the chef finds themselves is different, and they will typically be cooking for a family, not for clients in a locale. Nevertheless, the main responsibilities of a private chef may include things such as preparing attractive meal plans to nutritional standards, gutting and preparing animals and fish for cooking, scraping and washing vegetables and salads, cooking and presenting food creatively, working under pressure to make sure that food is served on time, and keeping to hygiene, health and safety standards and licensing rules.

Required Skills

Naturally, a good chef should have the ability to work well under pressure, be highly organised and self motivated, as well as possess a high level of creativity and have excellent attention to detail. The chef will be working in a private household, typically with a family, so should be highly adaptable and able to make adjustments to suit the needs of the residents of the household.

How Nomenial can help

Many people who wish to hire a personal chef feel intimidated and put off by all of the administrative procedures that they must go through in order to (legally) do this. To hire a personal chef in your house, it is necessary to register with HMRC as an employer, and you must take on all of the legal responsibilities that this entails, such as enrolling the chef on a pension scheme, calculating holiday pay and sick pay, issuing payslips every month, and paying tax and National Insurance contributions to the government on their behalf.

Nomenial can help with all of this, and thus make the whole process of being an employer painless and easy. With Nomenial, you don’t need to worry about pension schemes, National Insurance tax, payslips or anything else, because we can employ the Chef for you.