Residential VS home care

Residential Care vs. Home Care

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Choosing the best option for our sick or older adult loved one can be a daunting prospect. Different people have different needs. But it is important to note that placing your relative in a residential care home is not the only option open to you. Hiring a home carer can prove to be a very flexible and less intrusive option which allows your loved one to preserve as much normality as possible.

The advantages of home care

One of the main advantages of receiving a carer into your home – as opposed to placing your loved one in a residency – is the flexibility it allows you to have. For example, it is possible to have a carer visit your home for a few hours a week, or work full time or even live with you and provide 24 hour care.

Moreover, keeping your loved one at home will enable them to preserve their old routines and habits as much as possible. It will avoid the shock associated with displacement to a new environment.

Staying in the company of friends and family

One of the disadvantages of sending a relative to a residency is it can be a disruptive and potentially distressing change to move them to a new, unfamiliar environment. Additionally, the separation from family and friends can prove to be difficult and upsetting.

Alternatively, staying in your own house, in the company of family and friends, with the additional help of a visiting or live-in carer, can allow one to maintain not only their independence, but also their links to other familiar people. It is for this reason that Nomenial focuses on home carers.

Home care – a controlled environment

One of the benefits of hiring a home carer is that you are able to check upon them at any time. They will operate within a controlled environment, so it is easier to make sure that your loved one is being treating correctly. You are able to conduct interviews, look at their references and observe them during a trial shift. All of these are things which you are not able to do if you send your relative off to a residency. Nomenial will find a carer for you and run payroll. We enable you to relax and rest assured that your loved one is getting the support that they need.