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Why You Need to Keep Your Home Clean (and How a Housekeeper Can Help)

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Why do you need to keep your home clean?

Keeping your home clean and tidy can offer you a sense of peace and focus. Having clean air in your home and everything organised is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and make your guests happy! However, many find it difficult to carve time out of their day to keep their home clean.

Dishes pile up, grease builds up on the stovetop, dirty clothes on the floor, and the shower has that black stuff growing between the tiles. Sound familiar? Good news! A housekeeper can solve all of these problems for you. A cleaner or housekeeper can keep your surfaces (and the cracks between) spotless in just a few hours per week. Further, they can keep all your clothing and items in your home clean and organised.

You can have severe problems if you don’t clean your home. Your family can encounter debilitating allergies, mould and mildew that can cause sickness. Additionally, you can invite critters into your cupboards, ruin the air quality of your home, and even negatively affect your mental health! Below you can read more on the harmful effects of a dirty house.

Allergies and Sickness

Dust mites love a dirty home. The pesky mites are a common cause of allergies and asthma and can affect you year-round. You may suffer from dust mites’ effects if you sneeze, cough, or have itchy eyes and skin. Further, if you are chronically sick, there is a good chance that a dirty home is a contributing factor. The good news is that if you frequently mop, dust, vacuum, wash your sheets, and keep a generally tidy home, you can mitigate the effects and make those symptoms a thing of the past.

Mould and Mildew

Mould is a fungus that sends its spores to travel through the air – and into your lungs. They are most likely to accumulate in moist areas like your bathroom tiles, the kitchen, the basement, and the laundry area. Mould and mildew are relatively easy to mitigate but take frequent scrubbing with a mould-specific cleaner to eradicate.

Avoid Bugs and Pests with a Clean Home

Bugs and pests can spread germs in your house and are just plain gross. Leaving grease and dirt on surfaces and neglecting to take your trash out regularly can increase the risk of attracting bugs. Luckily, if you stay on top of your trash and sanitise your surfaces consistently, you will keep bugs out of your house. Generally, keeping your home clean will make a big difference.

Critters in Your Cupboard

If you have piles of junk, clothes, or books lying around in your home, you invite a critter to stay. Fortunately, if you keep a tidy home, you will likely never need to use a mouse trap or chase a critter out of your house.

Air Quality and Stench!

Neglecting your cleaning can easily clog your air ducts, vents, and aircon systems. It can cause poor circulation in your home and welcome dust, allergens, moisture, and mould into your home. Consequently, many find that poor air quality causes allergies and difficulty breathing. Further, if anyone in your home has asthma, it can worsen their symptoms!

As a result of poor ventilation, your house can start to smell. You must take care of your dirty dishes, clothing, vacuuming, and trash bins! Otherwise, you can find yourself with a stench throughout your home that you may be “nose-blind” to, but your guests will undoubtedly notice.

Tidy Home = Improved Mental Health

Studies have found that a dirty and disorganised home can cause or at least contribute to mental health problems. Keeping a clean and tidy home can make it easier for you to relax and unwind. Life can be so unpredictable and feel out of control! Cleaning your home, or having a housekeeper take care of it for you, can give you peace and a sense of control.

How can a housekeeper keep your home clean?

Life can get in the way of sometimes unimportant-seeming tasks like keeping a tidy home. Hiring a cleaner or housekeeper can ensure your home is spotless in just a few hours per week. They can clean your air, keep pests and critters out of your home, and ensure your family stays healthy and happy.