Exercises for Alzheimer’s

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Exercises for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s requires countless resources for detection and treatment. Unfortunately, none of these resources can be said to be guaranteed to improve the situation. Nevertheless, in this article, Nomenial explores some existing exercises.

At present there is no series of medicines or exercises that offer guarantees against Alzheimer’s. However, there are a number of guidelines for treating Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to some tips that undoubtedly help to minimize or slow the development of the disease. These treatments, still translate into a series of exercises focused on cognitive and sensory stimulation, rather than traditional medication.

From improving memory to strengthening the extremities, all of the advice is based on exercise as a tool for improvement in dealing with Alzheimer’s patients.

For memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients

An exercise that improves memory in people with Alzheimer’s disease in addition to coordination of movements is performed while sitting. The person sitting in a chair should keep his or her hands on the knees. He or she will quickly touch his or her shoulder and then touch his or her head. And finally, the user will close the first series by stretching his or her arms upwards.

Numerous series should be performed, as many as possible, for two minutes.

Improving the physique of people with Alzheimer’s

In order to work the arms and the abdomen, a 0.5l bottle of water will be held with each arm. The position of the arms should be slightly bent and while keeping the head up, rotations should be made with the abdomen.

There will be 3 series of 20 repetitions. And the most positive thing of all is that no technical support is needed.

Get more strength in your legs and more resistance

While sitting, the user should place his or her hands on the navel. And the exercise shall consist in raising the knees to the hands, one by one. The exercise must be made during 30 seconds and 4 times, with a little rest between each time.

The balance of people with Alzheimer’s disease

Loss of balance is a common symptom after the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

The user will stand in front of a chair to lean on. One foot should be placed in front of the other, both in a row, and balance should be maintained for at least one minute. It is advisable to look at a fixed point and the person should not lean against the chair, unless it is essential due to an imminent fall.

How to do the exercises with people with Alzheimer’s

Whenever you exercise or engage in any activity with a person with Alzheimer’s, you should take extra precautions and intensify supervision. As it is a group that, in many occasions, needs help to walk or to maintain the balance, it is possible that some fall takes place. At Nomenial we always recommend that if it is the first time you are going to do this type of activity that you consult our direct medical advice service.

Without a doubt, when doing exercises for Alzheimer’s patients improve or at least maintain themselves. That is why we always promote that our caregivers who take care of people with Alzheimer’s do exercises for Alzheimer’s and for their improvement.