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Many people find that the stresses of modern life don’t allow them to spend quite as much time tending to their household or their children as they would like. If you are able to find a nanny it can be an enormous help. In fact, a good full time nanny can feel like another member of the family. However, it is important to make sure that you choose carefully as the skills and requirements of the job can be complex. The nanny will be working around your children very closely, so it will be necessary to develop a personal bond.

Responsibilities of a Nanny:

The responsibilities of a nanny are dynamic and highly varied. It is a common misconception that being a nanny solely consists of tidying up and cleaning rooms used by children, as well as watching them when the parents are not around. Whilst it is true that these actions do fall under the remit of what a nanny does, there is so much more to being a nanny beyond this. For example, a nanny must feed, bath and dress children as well as change nappies.

A nanny may also be required to do nursery and school runs, take children to medical appointments and other activities, and teach basic social skills and hygiene. There is also an educational and emotional support component to being a nanny too. A nanny may be expected to help children learn through play, take them out to play in the park or other places to widen their experiences, organise play opportunities to help them mix with other children, plan interesting things to do, and provide a safe environment in general.

Find a nanny with the required skills

Naturally, choosing the correct nanny for your child is of the upmost importance. A nanny is not just a mere caretaker; this person will be spending extended periods of time with your child, and therefore can affect their emotional and education development greatly. It is important when searching for a nanny to keep an eye out for the necessary skills and traits that a nanny should have. These include sensitivity and understanding, patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. The ability to work well with others and demonstrate excellent verbal communication skills is also a must. A good nanny must be a kind, caring, compassionate person with a high level of emotional intelligence.

How Nomenial can help

When employing a nanny in your house, it is necessary to take on all of the legal responsibilities of an employer. Such responsibilities include paying correct tax to HMRC on their behalf and issuing payslips. But many people are put off by these requirements, and instead opt to find a nanny themselves through unofficial channels and pay them in black (cash in hand). People do this in order to avoid their tax and National Insurance obligations as an official employer. The problem with finding a nanny unofficially in this way is that you cannot necessarily guarantee that your child will receive the highest quality level of care.

Nomenial can help by using our extensive experience in this industry to help find you a nanny that is highly qualified and well equipped to meet all of your family’s needs. Additionally, we operate as a tax agent, so we can take care of all of your legal obligations as an employer for you on your behalf. This includes paying tax and National Insurance, enrolling the nanny on a pension plan, and calculating sick pay and holiday pay. We accompany you along the entire process and ensure that you are able to find the best nanny possible. You can have all administrative duties taken care of by us.