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Hire A Live-in Nanny

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Need more help taking care of the kids outside the working hours of a regular live-out nanny? A live-in nanny could be what you need! Keep reading to see if hiring a live-in nanny is right for you.

Live-in Nanny?

A live-in nanny is often one of the most popular types of nannies. To fulfil the living needs of a live-in nanny, the family must have a suitable space to host the nanny. A live-in nanny also might require additional benefits. For example, needs such as accessibility to a car, meal coverage, and holidays are all part of these packages. Moreover, these benefits and the accommodation needs are separate from the nanny’s salary.


A nanny who lives with the family provides many advantages that a live-in nanny cannot. For instance, a few of these benefits include around-the-clock childcare and cost savings.

Childcare Flexibility

If you have a busy and ever-changing schedule as a parent, babysitters and live-out nannies won’t line up with your children’s needs or your work hours.

A simple solution to this is to hire a live-in nanny. They can give you the childcare stability you need. Due to the fact they live in the home of the children they care for, they can be there to meet the children’s demands at all hours of the day. Therefore, no matter how busy and often your schedule changes, they will be there to care for your children.

A New Family Member

Another added benefit is that the nanny will eventually feel like another family member because your children will see the same familiar face every day. Therefore, your children will have a more comfortable caring experience. As a result, this close relationship can benefit you and your children and create a lasting bond between your family and the nanny.

House Minder

A live-in nanny can help with property care and look over your home while you’re away—no need to hire a housesitter to watch your pets or water your plants. A live-in nanny can take care of those duties for you without the added cost. And since they are used to working closely with the family, they will know exactly how! Therefore, they serve as the best possible housekeeper.

No Commute Time

As a result of the nanny not having to commute to work, they will be there all days of the week and will almost always be on time. There is no need to wait for them to get to your home at certain times to care for your kids. They will be there to care for them any time of the day.

Hiring a live-in nanny with no commute time offers many advantages to you (the parent), your children, and your nanny. Nor do you need to worry so much about your nanny having sick days. Although they may be unwell, they can still stay at home and watch over your kids while you are away.

Emergency Help

Finally, a live-in nanny is a handy person to have during emergencies. They can be there to aid assistance by calling for help or tending to possible injuries. And since they are childcare experts, they will be able to properly and quickly care for your child.

In conclusion, hiring a nanny that will live with your family offers more benefits than just simple childcare. They can become a valued member of your family, watch over the safety of your home, and tend to the security of your family in times of crisis. If these are qualities you would like to have as a part of your childcare help, hiring a live-in nanny is an optimal choice.