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Hire A Second Housekeeper

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Do you feel that one housekeeper cannot accomplish all your household chores? Are you considering the benefits of having a second housekeeper and potentially looking to hire one? Depending on your situation, it could be the perfect time to welcome a second housekeeper into your home.

Incomplete Tasks

The primary indicator of when to hire a second housekeeper is when your regular maid can not keep up with their daily tasks. For example, they often run out of time to complete all the chores. Maybe your task list is too long for them to accomplish it. Or perhaps it could also be that you have high expectations for the care of your home. These factors could make the job much more challenging for a single housekeeper. If this sounds like you, it could be time to double up on cleaning human resources and hire a second housekeeper. Doing so will help ensure that they meet your home standards!

Moved Houses

Another sign to know it’s time to hire a second housekeeper is when your family has decided to move to a new home or has extended the space of your current one. A new home or home renovation could lead to more bedrooms and bathrooms to clean, as well as larger family rooms and outdoor spaces to manage. Consequently, causing the maid to go from managing chores and cleaning the house just fine on their own to struggling to even get to other rooms in the house by the end of the day. Employing extra help, even a part-time housekeeper, could help tremendously with all this work.

Additions to Family

New family additions change the household dynamic, not to mention the increased amount of house tasks. The addition of pets or children can make a big difference in the added workload of the housekeeper. On top of their daily duties, it could overwhelm your current housekeeper to handle these added chores independently. In this case, a second housekeeper will most certainly come in handy!

Two housekeepers can work efficiently to complete all your household needs at the best quality possible. They can complete the work twice as fast and much better than only one housekeeper. In other words, hiring a second housekeeper leads to double the cleaning power. So why continue to settle for less quality work when you can employ another set of helping hands to care for the needs of your home?