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Housekeeper Responsibilities

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Curious as to what duties a housekeeper could help with in your home? I’ll give you a hint: there are many! Housekeepers offer a wide range of responsibilities to contribute to the care and cleanliness of your living space. A few of these responsibilities include deep cleaning, taking care of errands, cooking, plus many others.


It is no surprise that cleaning is the primary responsibility of a housekeeper. Often it is the reason someone hires a housekeeper in the first place: to manage the cleanliness of their home. A housekeeper maintains a well-kept home by methods of deep cleaning. The deep cleaning process includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and wiping down unclean surfaces in all rooms and areas of the house. In addition, the housekeeper must take out the trash, restock used goods such as toilet paper and paper towels and makes the beds. Overall, housekeepers manage all the essential cleaning that helps keep the house looking nice and maintained in order.


There are many errands that a housekeeper can run for you, from buying groceries to shopping for gifts for friends and family. A housekeeper can make trips to the dry cleaners and post office. They can also pick up and drop the kids off at school. Moreover, a housekeeper can take care of all the basic and essential tasks you need but don’t have the time to do.

Making Food

Another possibly invaluable responsibility of a housekeeper is to prepare meals for the family. Although cooking is not a requirement, it can be an added benefit of having a housekeeper. Additionally, they are often expected to be able to cook simple meals. They don’t have to be a top-rated chef; they just need to be able to follow simple recipes to prepare a good meal for a busy family.

Pet & Childcare

A housekeeper’s job description doesn’t always include pets and childcare. It can, however, become an essential part of it. A housekeeper does not need to be a certified pet and childcare professional to look after them. They often just know the basics of providing and caring for them, such as tending to their food and attentive needs when needed.

Proper Maintenance of Valuables

Besides deep cleaning, housekeeping involves handling, dusting and polishing family valuables. This task includes the considerable responsibility of maintaining proper care of priceless items such as family heirlooms, jewellery, luxury goods, fine china and silverware, furniture, etc. Your housekeeper will ensure that they handle your possessions with proper care and attention.

In conclusion, there are many responsibilities with which a housekeeper can assist you. All of which can add value to your daily busy life.

If you are seeking an expert, it may be time to consider hiring a more specific type of domestic staff. A housekeeper can complete simple tasks in many areas but does not provide the level of skill other professional members of a team can. Therefore, you should consider hiring a personal assistant, nanny, or private chef. They will be more skilled in cooking, completing errands, and caring for children. Finally, you should consider the live-in housekeeper VS live-out housekeeper pros & cons. This will help you discover which type of help is best for you.