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Nannies Over Nurseries

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You are here because you want the same thing and need to find a way to care for your child while you are busy. When trying to find a way to take care of their kid, most parents want what is best for their kids. Both a nanny and a nursery provide this service. However, some can offer more benefits depending on what you try to find. Here are some great benefits to having a nanny.

Nanny is more adaptable to your schedule

A nanny is better if you have a demanding schedule, as they tend to be more flexible. While a nursery has a set time you must pick your child up, a nanny has none. The nanny can work with your schedule and work for a more significant portion of the day. A nursery usually lasts for a shorter part of the day. So hiring a nanny will be more ideal than a nursery if you have a job or event requiring your attention during the night.

Nanny is more accustomed to your child

Like they can adjust to your schedule, they can also adapt to the child’s needs. At a nursery, they have multiple kids to take care of; meanwhile, a nanny prioritizes your child over all else. This is good for several reasons. If there is an emergency, you immediately have someone there to help your child. Also, many younger children prefer having one person for them while in their own home, as it feels more familiar and homely. Not only that, but with more one-on-one time, the child has the potential to learn better as well.

Bilingual potential

Having a bilingual nanny can do many services for you and your child. Having a bilingual nanny can teach your child how to speak a second language which has the following benefit:

  • Saving money: having a nanny reduces the cost because you do not have to hire a teacher separate for your child.
  • Increased Cognitive function: Learning a foreign language makes new connections in the brain, improving the child’s cognitive function.
  • Quickly learned: It is easier to learn languages when young. Children have more flexible brains that are adept at learning quickly. It is good to capitalize on this.
  • Less need to travel: It is much easier having a personal teacher teach you a language than traveling to a foreign country to learn the language. Entering another country requires a lot of time, money, and paperwork. On top of this, other cultural norms are not always easy to understand.
  • Exposure to another culture: Many children find new things interesting. Getting introduced to a foreign culture might be very interesting for them, not to mention it will be beneficial as they get to see things from a new point of view.

Less work for you

With a nanny, you can work at nearly any time you want, even early in the morning. For a nursery, you must get your child up and ready to go. With a nanny, you do not have to worry about that. You can do what you need to, let the nanny wake up your kid and make them breakfast. The nanny can help care for the child when you are too busy to do it. 

Whether you should choose a nanny or nursery

Having a nanny has its upsides. But how can you tell if it is right for you? Well, that depends on a couple of different factors. That includes your schedule and goals.


Many parents are extremely busy nowadays. They need to work to support their family and give their children the best life possible. This sometimes means the parents do not have enough time to take care of their children every second of the day or even at night. With a nanny, there is always someone around the clock to care for the child.


An important thing to think about is what you want for your child. If your goal is for the kid to feel cared for and looked after, then a nanny will come in handy. A nanny can teach your child many things, including a foreign language. If these are your child’s goals, choosing a nanny over a nursery is the way to go.


To conclude, a nanny would be great if you have no time to get your child ready for daycare or any time to take care of them in the evening. There are also several advantages to having a nanny teach your child new things, including a foreign language. If this sounds like you, do not hesitate to contact Nomenial and get a quote today!