Household personal assistants, often referred to as domestic or household managers, are responsible for a wide range of tasks aimed at maintaining a well organised and smoothly run home. Their specific responsibilities can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the household they work for. Common duties with this role: Summary It’s important to […]

Little children during lesson at language school

You should hire a bilingual nanny for more opportunities Whether for the job, for you, or the children hiring a bilingual nanny allows for more opportunities. The nanny can speak in their native language for you if there is any time you need it, especially if it is a primary language such as Spanish, French, […]

Housekeeping manager with tablet checking maid work in hotel roo

Making the most of having household staff is not always easy. There may be some confusion about the job. The new employee might not completely understand the different home layouts or your different job expectations right away. Therefore proper training of the household staff is necessary, as well as dedication to retain them. Here are […]

There is often confusion when it comes to the different roles of employment and recruitment agencies. This article should help explain the difference between one and the other. Employment Agencies By going through an employment agency, you will be directly employed for the role you apply for. If they are happy with your application, you […]