The Difference Between Employment and Recruitment Agencies

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There is often confusion when it comes to the different roles of employment and recruitment agencies. This article should help explain the difference between one and the other.

Employment Agencies

By going through an employment agency, you will be directly employed for the role you apply for. If they are happy with your application, you will go through their own registration process directly.

Most employment agencies focus on a particular industry. The aim is to build a roster of employees in which to carry out work on the contracts they hold with other companies. They will likely have a variety of roles available, offering both short and long-term contracts. The client pays the agency, and in turn, the agency pays you.

There can be times when employees will be gathered for special events. On these occasions, the agency can provide the client with extra staff from its skilled pool of people in order to cover these events.

Employment agencies may call on you to cover a last-minute sickness. It is highly unlikely that you will be interviewed due to the short notice. The agency would call and ask if you are available to cover.

Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency will not employ you directly. There will be a third party that will hire a recruitment agency to find suitable candidates for them. They will look to recruit staff who specialise in their industry. Much like we do at Nomenial. We hire domestic staff for home services.

It is typical to have to register with the recruitment agency before a position becomes available. This is beneficial for both yourself and the agency. It means you will likely be notified whenever a job comes up, and the agency will be able to respond to their client more promptly.

An interview with the agency will be required, as well as sending them your CV. This will allow them to get a better idea of who you are and which positions you will best be suited for.

What makes Nomenial different?

We have two options for our clients when we are discussing terms. Option 1 is the option to hire our candidate directly (which is typical of a recruitment agency).

Option 2 is the option where we employ the candidate directly (more like an employment agency). Offering these options gives our clients more flexibility, and a higher chance of them taking us on. In turn, this means a higher chance of finding work for our candidates.

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