The Importance of Nanny Contracts

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When hiring a Nanny through Nomenial for 15 hours a week or more, you can have us employ them directly. However, if you decide that you would prefer to hire the Nanny yourself, it is crucial to create a contract. In this article, we look at the importance of Nanny contracts, how to write up a Nanny’s contract, and the benefits of having one.

Why create a contract for your Nanny?

If the Nanny stays with your family for the long term, it can start to feel like a friendship. The hired person will be working in your home and ensuring there is no confusion when it comes to keeping things professional is essential. A nanny contract or work agreement between them and yourself will show that you are a serious employer. It offers them job security and clearly defines their roles and responsibilities.

Where should you get the contract?

If you have your own lawyer or solicitor, they will be able to write up a contract for you quite easily. You could create a work agreement yourself; however, it is vital to ensure it is legally accurate. It will not stand in a court of law if the contract terms go against UK employment law.

You also have the option to download a pre-written agreement. Again, these need to be in line with employment law, so be careful from where you download them. If you can, we advise you to have a solicitor look over any pre-written contract you plan to use.

What to include in a Nanny contract

  1. The date and the names of the two parties.
  2. The terms of employment, such as the Nanny’s duties, hours, and working days.
  3. The Nanny’s salary and any other inclusions like accommodation or meals.
  4. Holiday days and the notice required.
  5. A confidentiality agreement. Those are important when working with children.
  6. Termination and renewal. If there is a probation period, state how long. Also, add notice periods and misconduct guidance.
  7. Disciplinary procedures.
  8. Grievance procedures.
  9. Include any general factors not already covered. You can also write that the contract is governed by the courts of the county it is being presented in.
  10. Both parties sign and date the agreement.

When to present the agreement

Signing the contract beforehand is unnecessary if you are arranging a trial shift for the candidate. However, it is important the Nanny contract is signed before any probationary period is carried out. Give the Nanny a clear timeframe to read and sign the work agreement, and ensure you have checked that you appropriately complete the agreement before their start date.

For more information on what a nanny work agreement needs to include, see this page: