Things to consider during the selection process

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We begin our expansive search for the ideal candidate when an agreement is made between ourselves and the client. In this article, we go over some of the considerations for the client and the agent during the selection process.

Time is against us

Once we find some suitable candidates for our clients’ required positions, we will begin to build profiles for these individuals. Try not to forget that candidates are active job seekers. They will not hang around to hear back if they are contacted by another potential employer. Once we have interviewed an applicant and we are happy to put them forward for the role, we aim to have their profile completed and sent to the client within just a few hours. What we need in return is a prompt and attentive response. We insist on receiving feedback from the client within a maximum of 48 hours. These candidates are active job seekers, and do not wish to be left waiting for an answer for too long. They may have other offers presented to them. Secondly, it displays a sign of respect towards our candidates. It shows that we take their time and application seriously, which in turn helps build a healthy relationship between all parties.

Consider their flexibility and commitments

Our candidates have their own lives and commitments. When it comes to the client setting out the hours for the applicant, we must be realistic. Expecting them to work for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening is a big ask. These split shifts require a lot of traveling. If the employee has children of their own, these shifts can also be complicated. It is better to mix separate shifts across the week.

Their work history

During the selection process we find a lot of our clients have either previously had a home staff employee, and many of them had a significant long-term commitment. Some Nannies or Housekeepers have been with families for up to 10 years! However there comes a time when that person moves on for one reason or another, and the family begins to look for a replacement.

In some cases, clients looking for someone to take over that position, want a candidate with a similar long-term commitment to a prior family. Now while this is possible, it is more difficult to find and also not entirely necessary. Many nannies, for example, get temporary placements in various households which will only last two or three months. This is not usually by choice, however, there are a lot of families who will only require the service for a short period. Sometimes as little as a few weeks during the summer holidays while the kids are off school.

Quite often you will find that these nannies are eagerly searching for a permanent position. So if a candidate has only a short-term work history on their CV, that is not necessarily negative. As long as they have the skills and experience, we would encourage our clients to discuss over an interview, and discover the reasons for them jumping from household to household. Something permanent maybe what they have been looking for all along.