modern butler

In today’s fast-paced world, a modern butler can significantly enhance your home environment. At Nomenial, we understand the invaluable role a butler plays in creating a harmonious and efficient household. Versatile Household Management Firstly, modern butlers manage daily operations, schedules, staff, and administrative duties, ensuring smooth household functioning. They oversee cleaning, maintenance, and inventory management, […]


As we age, maintaining health and well-being becomes increasingly important and often more challenging. For many seniors, the assistance of a dedicated caregiver makes a significant difference in their quality of life. At Nomenial, we understand the profound impact that professional care-giving has on seniors and their families. Here’s why the health benefits provided by […]

professional housekeeping

Introduction Did you miss out on spring cleaning this year? No worries! At Nomenial, we understand how busy life can get, and maintaining a clean, organised home might not always be at the top of your to-do list. That’s where we come in! Our professional housekeeping services are designed to help you catch up on […]


Domestic vs Medical Staff In the wake of an injury, the decision between relying on domestic vs medical staff for support is pivotal. Whether it’s a household accident or a mishap related to sports, the choice between familiar faces and expert care can significantly impact the recovery process. As a domestic staff placement company, we […]

engaging activities for seniors

As a caregiver, nurturing the physical health of the seniors you support is a top priority. Encouraging regular exercise for seniors not only enhances their physical well-being but also contributes to their overall quality of life. Here are 10 practical and engaging activities tailored to promote physical wellness in older adults. Set Fitness Goals Firstly, […]

Housekeeping manager with tablet checking maid work in hotel roo

Making the most of having household staff is not always easy. There may be some confusion about the job. The new employee might not completely understand the different home layouts or your different job expectations right away. Therefore proper training of the household staff is necessary, as well as dedication to retain them. Here are […]

With age, the body’s ability to withstand long periods of exposure to cold decreases. Hypothermia or low body temperature in the senior citizens is caused when the person’s body temperature drops below normal, i.e. 35ºC, and remains low for a long period of time. In order for the body to function properly, it needs to […]

Ankle swelling is a problem that usually appears with age, either due to fluid accumulation or poor circulation. It is usually enhanced during the arrival of summer and high temperatures. In addition, some people stop doing physical activity and spend more time sitting as they get older. There may be many reasons why this swelling […]