In moments of crisis, when life takes an unexpected turn, it’s often the little things that matter the most. Whether it’s a sudden accident or a debilitating injury, the support system surrounding an individual becomes paramount for their recovery journey. While family and friends play a pivotal role, one often overlooked group of individuals are […]

exercise in nannying

In the fast-paced world of childcare, being a nanny isn’t just about keeping children safe and entertained. It is also about promoting their physical and mental well-being. One essential aspect of this is incorporating exercise into their daily routine. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of movement for children. Moreover, learn how nannies can […]

Boy play game on smart phone. Isolated screen of mobile for game

In the last decade, kids have become addicted to their devices. Kids staring at their screens have become a regular sight to see, but what are the health effects of this, and how do you limit kids’ screen time? Limiting a kid’s screen time Have set limits on your kid’s screen time The most simple […]

Animals and senior citizens, a perfect team? Animals provide people with a lot of happiness and companionship, and this is especially true for senior citizens. Many people, when they reach old age, find themselves alone, which can be hard. For this and other reasons, having the company of an animal can provide great benefits. Studies […]

Attendance Allowance When looking at different options for receiving care, it is important to consider attendance allowance. Many people have found this to be a useful option. In this article, Nomenial explains more… What is Attendance Allowance? Attendance allowance is a type of financial assistance that certain people can receive to help them cover extra […]

The phases of Alzheimer’s have a duration, a chronology and follow patterns that are very difficult to measure. For this reason, scientists and scholars are only able to describe the phases without specifying the reasons why the evolution of the disease is accelerated. Mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s As we have already spoken in Nomenial’s previous […]

Quality home help, executed by professionals and in the hands of a caregiver allows many families not to park their relative in a care home. Home help and its evolution Britain has always been characterized by a very simple feature, and that is that the care has always traditionally fallen on the family. Many people […]

Good psychological health of senior citizen is essential because not only our physical condition changes over time. Also our mentality, ideas and thoughts are transformed in the process of old age. Taking care not only of our body, but also of our mind, will help us to face the future and its consequences in a […]

Delay cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment is defined as the aging of the brain as it reaches adulthood. Consequently, some areas of the brain are altered and this can cause negative changes: memory impairment, lack of concentration, unstructured language and/or loss of visuospatial skills. Although the cognitive deterioration is declared almost unstoppable, it is possible to […]