Attendance Allowance- Essential Help for People in Need of Care

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Attendance Allowance

When looking at different options for receiving care, it is important to consider attendance allowance. Many people have found this to be a useful option. In this article, Nomenial explains more…

What is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance allowance is a type of financial assistance that certain people can receive to help them cover extra costs. This is applicable if you suffer from disabilities which are sufficiently severe that you need someone to help provide you with care and look after you.

Attendance Allowance rates

A person can receive attendance allowance at two different rates. How much money a person receives depends on the level of care that they require due to their disability.

You may be eligible to receive either ₤89.15 or ₤59.70 per week to assist with care support under the following conditions:

  • You are at the State Pension age, and/or:
  • You suffer from a mental or physical disability

However, a person needs to keep in mind that attendance allowance does not cover their mobility needs. Furthermore, it is not necessary to have someone caring for you in order to claim. Nevertheless, if you do have a carer, it is possible that they may be eligible to receive a Carer’s Allowance if your needs are considered to be great enough.

Attendance Allowance benefits explained:

If you are granted attendance allowance you will receive on of two rates depending on the level of care that you need.

You will receive ₤59.70 if you require frequent or constant supervision during the day, as well as supervision at night.

You will receive ₤89.15 if you need continuous help throughout both day and night, or if you are terminally ill.

It is also important to remember that attendance allowance is not means tested – which means that you can be eligible for it irrespective of how many savings you do or don’t have.

Additionally, if your circumstances change (such as taking a turn for the worse) you could be eligible for a different rate.

Who is eligible for attendance allowance?

As we mentioned before, people who are of the state pension age are eligible to apply. Also, people who have a physical disability (such as sensory disability, mental disability, or both).

In addition to this, your disability must be serious enough that you are in need of someone else to help you look after yourself, and/or supervise you.

The next steps..

It is important to be as well informed as possible of all of the help that is out there and is available to you or a loved one in need of care. To this end, we hope this post has been informative. Contact Nomenial now to see how we can help you further, both in making you aware of what you are entitled to in terms of help with care, and in terms of providing you with the care that you need.