Care for the Sick

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Care for the sick

Caring for the sick has a global impact. Caregivers, families, social workers, health care workers, those with dependencies and older adults can all be involved and affected. There are many different groups with whom we have dealt with from our professional experience at Nomenial and this post is dedicated to the most recurrent diseases. Diseases as serious as dementia, ALS or fibromyalgia. We would like to talk about some of these diseases.

Dementia, ALS and Fibromyalgia

Dementia affects the patient’s cognitive functions very aggressively. In a progressive way, the relatives observe the cruelty of this disease. Degeneration in the brain can prevent the patient from leading a normal life. Forever. The care of sick people in this case requires the need of touch.

ELA is named after lateral sclerosis and most of those affected suffer from it by chance. Its origin is unknown and unpredictable. The muscle weakness that presents itself is very radical and produces a total paralysis. It even affects speech, walking and swallowing. And something as simple and unconscious as breathing. For this type of illness, which in many cases causes death within a few months, all we have is research. We invest money in its research in order to promote its treatment. At the moment, there are indications of some drugs that seem to work well. These are related to stem cells. Therefore, the treatment of these patients is different to dementia because their brain capacity is intact.

Another disease worth mentioning is Fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain. These patients also have a pathology of unknown origin. This is not only frustrating but also disconcerting. To make matters worse, it is accompanied by fatigue and other symptoms.

Care for the sick: Impact of care

These very heavy and virulent diseases have the common characteristic of not being curable. Unfortunately, this can provoke feelings of uncertainty and defeat in members of the family. So we must try to stabilize the situation as much as possible.

It goes without saying that the care of the sick requires love, and affection. These are emotional aspects intrinsic to good caregivers. Excellent people, who deal day by day with an incorrigible problem. The support of carers is vital, and is what Nomenial specialises in.