As we age, maintaining health and well-being becomes increasingly important and often more challenging. For many seniors, the assistance of a dedicated caregiver makes a significant difference in their quality of life. At Nomenial, we understand the profound impact that professional care-giving has on seniors and their families. Here’s why the health benefits provided by […]

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As a caregiver, nurturing the physical health of the seniors you support is a top priority. Encouraging regular exercise for seniors not only enhances their physical well-being but also contributes to their overall quality of life. Here are 10 practical and engaging activities tailored to promote physical wellness in older adults. Set Fitness Goals Firstly, […]

What can I expect my caregiver to do? How many responsibilities can my caregiver handle? These are popular questions asked before hiring a caregiver. Caregivers can be one of the most influential people in your household. It is essential to know what you can expect from them. This article will discuss caregivers’ most popular duties […]

Asian elderly people who are hot and thirsty from high temperatu

Summer is a time many people look forward to. They are excited to leave school and to go out and play in the sun. The summer is an enjoyable time of the year to enjoy. However, you must be sure to keep kids and older adults safe in the summer. There are some dangers that […]

With age, the body’s ability to withstand long periods of exposure to cold decreases. Hypothermia or low body temperature in the senior citizens is caused when the person’s body temperature drops below normal, i.e. 35ºC, and remains low for a long period of time. In order for the body to function properly, it needs to […]

Animals and senior citizens, a perfect team? Animals provide people with a lot of happiness and companionship, and this is especially true for senior citizens. Many people, when they reach old age, find themselves alone, which can be hard. For this and other reasons, having the company of an animal can provide great benefits. Studies […]

Attendance Allowance When looking at different options for receiving care, it is important to consider attendance allowance. Many people have found this to be a useful option. In this article, Nomenial explains more… What is Attendance Allowance? Attendance allowance is a type of financial assistance that certain people can receive to help them cover extra […]

Caring for the sick has a global impact. Caregivers, families, social workers, health care workers, those with dependencies and older adults can all be involved and affected. There are many different groups with whom we have dealt with from our professional experience at Nomenial and this post is dedicated to the most recurrent diseases. Diseases […]