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How to Keep Kids and Older Adults Safe in the Heatwave

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Summer is a time many people look forward to. They are excited to leave school and to go out and play in the sun. The summer is an enjoyable time of the year to enjoy. However, you must be sure to keep kids and older adults safe in the summer. There are some dangers that parents, caregivers, and nannies should be mindful of in the summertime. The most critical factors are heat and the sun. This aims to show how to keep kids and older adults safe in the heatwave.

Keep kids and older adults safe from the heatwave

Especially keeping kids away from the sun is vital to keep kids safe in the summer and the heatwaves. The sun is powerful in the summertime, increasing the risk of sunburn. This is an even bigger problem for young children as they have more sensitive skin. It has also been shown that sunburn at a young age increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Also, the sun can make staying in the car extremely dangerous. This is because it gets too hot to stay in it.

How to protect against sunlight and heatwaves

To keep kids safe in the summer sun, limit their sunlight exposure. Children ages 6 and below should stay out of the sun during the middle of the day. Young infants should not be in the sun at all. Ensure everyone has 50 SPF sunscreen from a well-trusted brand when out in the sun. Cover every body part not covered in clothing and reapply every couple of hours. Especially if they are swimming as it can come off more easily then. Also, wearing sunglasses to protect their eyesight and a hat can help reduce the sun’s effect on your child. 

Keep kids and older adults safe from heatwaves in the car

When it comes to the car, never leave a vulnerable person in the vehicle by themself without the air conditioner on. This includes children, handicapped people, older adults, and even animals. Even if the car is in the shade, the vehicle can reach dangerous temperature levels within an hour. A heatwave amplifies this. This can and has led to death for many children and animals in the past. Bringing them with you and not leaving them is vital to keeping the kids and older adults safe in the summer.

What to do if they have gotten a sunburn

If the sunburn is severe enough and starts blistering, causing a fever or extreme pain, seek medical attention. If not, a simple painkiller can reduce the pain and other symptoms. Ensure this never happens again, as it can cause serious problems, especially for a child.

Other ways to keep kids and older adults safe in the heatwave

Keep kids safe in the summer

Several other things that are more prevalent in the summer are the risk of drowning, the safety of their play area, waterborne illnesses and safety around pets. Children are much more likely to swim in the summertime. Therefore you must make sure they are safe around the water. Make sure it is safe and isn’t extremely dirty with sweat, fecal matter or any other substance, keep an eye on them when they swim and possibly give them a life jacket. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen. Ensure their play area is safe by ensuring there is nothing they can trip over or cause any other injury. Also, teach your kid safety around animals, such as giving scared animals space and not approaching dogs they don’t know. At the same time, keep a close eye on them when they are around animals.

Keep senior citizens safe in the summer

Older adults must prepare for the sun as well. They should also apply sunscreen and stay out of the sun when it gets too hot. Older adults do not regulate their body temperatures as well as younger adults. So they are at a higher risk of heat stroke and dehydration than other adults. Senior citizens should also know if their medications’ side effects will cause increased sensitivity as well. To keep them safe, they should also keep a list of phone numbers for help, frequently check up on by a caregiver or loved one, and consistently stay hydrated. This will significantly help older adults during a heatwave.


Make sure to keep kids out of the sun if you can. Keep kids under six away from the heat at noon and infants away overall. Reapply sunscreen constantly, and never leave them in the car. Following these guidelines, the summer can be an enjoyable and fun experience for you and the children. Have a great summer!