The Advantages of Using a Payroll Service like Nomenial

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The easiest way to manage everything as an employer

If you want to hire a domestic worker in your home in a safe and legal manner there can be a lot of legal headache involved. You must register online with HMRC as a private employer and calculate correct salary. (This includes minimum wage, holiday pay and sick pay). Additionally, you must calculate tax contributions and pay them correctly to HMRC. Finally, you must draw up a legal contract and issue payslips. To sum up, running payroll can be a complicated and daunting prospect. So what are the advantages of using a Payroll Service?

Easier to Manage

When you entrust the management of all of your employer duties to a payroll agent you can guarantee that you are making your life easier. This is convenient because you have all of your information together in one place, and the payroll agent serves as a single point of contact between you and HMRC. If you do not have a payroll service, then you must perform each task yourself, and it is necessary to go through different channels in order to do this. For example, National Insurance and PAYE contributions on behalf of the employee are made through HMRC via a software such as Basic PAYE Tools, whereas managing the pension plan of the employee with be done via a seperate service such as NEST.

Payroll Services offer greater security

Entrusting the management of payroll to a professional agent can also provide you with another layer of security. Payroll services such as Nomenial have an electronic management system, complete with a built-in security portal. This allows only those with permission (the employer, the employee and the agent) to access and view documents and information.

Payroll services are more efficient

Employers who run their own payroll often find it difficult and cumbersome to have to keep track of everything. It is often the case that they keep written files of every expenditure, the amount of hours worked by the employee and sick days and holidays taken. This can lead to a long and complicated papertrail which can be increasingly difficult to keep track of. Deferring the responsibility of keeping track of everything to a payroll service such as Nomenial frees the employer up. It allows them to focus on the most important things. They are not burdened by having to keep track of everything.

Why is Nomenial the best payroll service?

If you are looking to hire a domestic worker, Nomenial is by far the best payroll service on the market. We tailor our services in three unique packages which are designed to meet the unique needs of the individual employer. We are the most competitively priced payroll service available, and we maintain a continuous open channel with you at all times to support you with your needs. Nomenial understands the complexities of running payroll for a first time employer and we are here to help and guide you every step of the way.