Private care: what Nomenial can do for you in 2020

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There are many things that can be complicated when looking to hire private care, but in the end it can be a highly rewarding process which enables families to live less stressful lives, with a better work-life balance and more free time.

What nobody wants is to find themselves hiring a domestic worker with the intent of making their lives easier – only to end up spending more of their free time checking all of the paperwork is in order, and managing and maintaining all of the bureaucratic processes!

Trust us to make these things easier. Here are four ways that we can make sure you are in fact getting the most out of your decision to find and receive private care, and not having to sacrifice any of your time.

1. We act as an intermediary between you and HMRC

There are many obligations that you will have to HMRC as an employer. The main one is paying National Insurance and PAYE contributions to HMRC on behalf of the employee. These are deductions from the employee salary, which must be paid as tax every week or month.

To do this properly you must calculate several things. How much the employee has earned, and what percentage of these earnings should be paid. By far the simplest and best option is to entrust us with these things. We can, with your permission, act on your behalf in all dealings with HMRC and make sure tax is paid correctly.

2. Management of payslips

An employee can be paid weekly or monthly, or by some other arrangement. Tracking the hours that the employee has worked and issuing payslips can be a tedious process, and it is very important to do it correctly and make sure you calculate every hour that they have worked, including sick pay or holiday pay, and any relevant deductions. Nomenial calculates these things and issues payslips to the employee for the employer.

3. Bespoke contract oriented towards private care

In order to be a private employer, it is necessary to draw up a contract which will be signed by yourself and the employee. This in and of itself can be a monumental task, as the clauses and conditions that you must mention in your contract can be extensive.

Also, the ready made templates on the internet are usually poor in quality and missing in important details, or simply not suited to the unique circumstances of your situation with your employee. Nomenial will draw up the contract for you, which is perfectly tailored to you, and take this difficulty out of your hands.

4. Have the private care pension scheme managed for you

Another one of the many legal requirements when being an employer is setting up and managing a pension scheme, and manage it for your employee. We can enroll your employee on a pension scheme, and we can operate it for you. You will not have to do anything and can rest assured that it is taken care of.

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