Residential Care Homes and Covid-19

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How the pandemic is affecting residential care homes

The 2020 global Covid-19 pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on the global economy, forcing large parts of the world into a total lockdown, and the UK is no exception. Naturally, this has put a strain on infrastructure and presented new challenges to all aspects of society. How has this affected residential care homes in the United Kingdom?

Woman being tested at care home for covid-19
Woman being tested at care home for covid-19

Rising costs of insurance in residential care homes

One effect of the outbreak is that insurance premiums for residential care homes have increased massively this year, (In some cases by up to 880% according to the BBC). Some care home owners are also calling upon the government for legal protection against being sued over Coronavirus related deaths.

One potential problem for residential care homes that are unable to get insurance is that they may not be able to accept patients who test positively for Covid-19 from hospitals, and the massive increase in the price of insurance could drive some private care homes out of business.

According to Care England, the entire stability of the sector is in jeopardy due to this ‘absolutely enormous threat’.

The National Care Association (an organization which represents care homes in England), recently conducted a survey amongst its members, and found that of the 68 care homes that responded to the survey, approximately 68% reported an increase in the cost of their insurance due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

More worryingly, an enormous 93.5% of the respondents to the survey reported that they did not have any Covid-19 cover included in their renewal.

Residential care homes – the invisible threat..

It is clear from looking at the unprecedented rise in insurance premiums that the Coronavirus outbreak is a new and novel threat.

According to Public Health England, there have been outbreaks of Covid-19 in approximately 44% of all registered residential care homes in England.

Many families are increasingly choosing to take their older family members out of care homes and keep them in the family home, as they fear that an outbreak could spread rapidly amongst the most vulnerable.

The option of keeping an older or sick relative at home during the pandemic is increasingly being explored and considered as an option. Many people are now also investigating the possibility of registering as a private employer in order to contract a live at home carer in order to avoid the outbreaks in care homes.

Is there an alternative to placing my loved one in a care home during the pandemic?

It is understandable that many people are now choosing to avoid private residential care homes. There have been many deaths in residencies due to the pandemic. But is there an alternative, safer way to find care for a loved one? The answer is yes.

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