Attention to Senior Citizens and their Importance

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Attention to senior citizens and their importance. In the middle of the 21st century we are still not aware of the importance of caring for older people. Not only for the sake of older people but also as a matter of ethics and culture. The way we treat our older people defines us not only as individuals, but also as a society.

It is commonly known that older people were treated with greater respect for adults and children. Historically, this has always been the case. And it should continue to be so. But unfortunately, in this 21st century, it is not so.

Attention to senior citizens

It’s not just a matter of us giving enough attention and care to older people. It goes beyond that. And it is a question of education, values and respect for senior citizens.

Any human and interpersonal relationship must be based on mutual acceptance even in those cases where differences exist. As well as that of granting the autonomy that each human being deserves. For example, if for a relative, for example, my father/mother was very important to continue living at home. As a child, I should not decide unilaterally about their future, unless there are compelling reasons or the situation is untenable.

It is true that we adults often tend to decide for our senior citizens. Even in those cases where they are still in a situation and position of autonomy. In which they can continue to decide on the direction of their lives.

Although, it is important to emphasize that there can be exceptions and that in many cases, we adults are the ones who see the limitations and we must convince them to take the step to let themselves be cared for.

Respect for the integrity of senior citizens

In this post we do not want to focus on older people who need the support of their children. Rather, we want to put the magnifying glass on the situations where we children decide without taking into account the opinion of our parents.

The fact that we decide for them is often preceded by a trend that has marked the relationship for years. Small gestures that transform the way we relate to each other and that diminish the attention we pay to older people.

Let’s say that deciding without taking into account our family member is the tip of the iceberg. But what has happened before to make this happen? Surely, many of these things will have been happening for years.

We don’t listen to senior citizens. And this explains in many cases why we decide for them, and it is because in most cases we have not stopped to listen to them.

Ignoring them, calling them names when it is their custom to treat you, not saying please or thank you. These types of situations weave a relationship that is gradually no longer based on respect. Even if we don’t like it, in many occasions it is like that.

That’s why we must focus on changing it.