Caregiver’s welfare, seven tips

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Our older adults deserve and need to be cared for by the best hands. Therefore, it is essential to uphold caregiver’s welfare. If the caregiver is well, our family member will be too. To achieve this, we have seven tips to increase the well-being of the caregiver and, therefore, of your family:

Good communication

Emotional support

Respect the rest

Taking an interest in the caregiver’s well-being

Listen to their advice

Making the Road Easy

Choosing the right person

Good communication

The best way to make your caregiver and family feel comfortable is to have regular meetings. These should focus on discussing the impressions and needs of your family member and, at the same time, the caregiver. Thanks to this communicative base, the caregiver will feel listened to and will express his/her opinion and proposals to a greater extent, guaranteeing the caregiver’s well-being.

Caregiver’s welfare: Emotional support

We must show the caregiver that we understand the difficulty of their work and appreciate their great daily work. This work implies a great emotional effort and if he feels valued by the family, he will project his well-being in his work. That is, in our family.

Respect the rest

The wear and tear is not only emotional, but also physical. The caregiver is under emotional stress and also a great physical burden. Therefore, we must strictly respect their hours and days of rest. You can only do your job under the best conditions if you are guaranteed sufficient time off. Let us remember that the quality of life of the caregiver and that of our family member are linked.

Taking an interest in the caregiver’s well-being

Behind the figure of the caregiver hides a person with a history, a personal situation, concerns, obligations and goals. Demonstrating through actions that we care about the caregiver’s well-being beyond the purely work aspect will make the caregiver feel understood and supported.

Caregiver’s welfare: Listen to their advice

The caregiver is the professional and, as such, is the one who knows perfectly what your family member needs. Therefore, we must be advised by him in everything related to care, from the routine of meals and exercises, how to perform the mobilizations or how to improve their mood. In this way, we should not close ourselves in the kind of routine that our older adult follows. It is the moment to listen and judge objectively the new routine that the caregiver proposes to us. This will be ideal for the type of care and activities that our older adult currently requires.

Making the road easier

We are aware that, at first, our family members are very reluctant to request the services of a caregiver. It is in our hands to smooth the way between the caregiver and our family member. The first contact between them is vital to achieve the beginning of a comfortable and beneficial relationship. That is why, days before they meet, we have to do an important job beforehand: transmit to our family member how his or her well-being will increase thanks to the caregiver’s work.

This previous work will improve the caregiver’s well-being.

Caregiver’s welfare: Choosing the right person

The correct selection of the caregiver is the most important advice. Choosing the most suitable caregiver for your family and relative goes through a necessary and thorough selection process. We must analyze their professional knowledge and experience and not forget, in turn, their emotional skills.

This last substantial advice is, precisely, what Nomenial emphasizes. In Nomenial we carry out a personalized selection process for each family. We are aware of the initial concern that families experience when they have to require the work of a caregiver. Therefore, our first step is to know the family’s wishes and purposes and the specific needs of the family member. From this deep and productive conversation, our selection technicians look for the caregiver who is closest to your family. We strive so hard to achieve this that we have the lowest caregiver turnover rate in our sector.

The well-being of the caregiver, both mentally and physically, translates directly into good care for our family member. That both enjoy a satisfactory relationship is the key to the growth of your family member’s well-being. For that reason, here at Nomenial we go to great lengths to maintain the happiness of our caregivers.