Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Stroke are suffered by many groups. There are many different groups with whom we have dealt from our professional experience and this post is dedicated to the most recurrent diseases. Due to their seriousness, they take away in an exponential way the autonomy of the patients who suffer them. […]

Differences between dementia and alzheimer’s. Many people identify both neurodegenerative diseases as very aggressive and incurable. We know that they are not the same disease and we also identify each one very well. Both diseases are familiar to us because of the large number of cases of people who suffer from them. However, one commonly […]

What is Senile Dementia? Senile dementia is a set of symptoms that affect the cognitive capacities, causing damage in the development of the routine of the person who suffers them. Causes and types of senile dementia Dementia can be caused by many different diseases, which are classified into the following types of dementia: Progressive and […]