Coronavirus and the Christmas Holidays: traveling with caution

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Many are concerned about dealing with the Coronavirus and the Christmas holidays. Many people domestically within the UK and abroad are considering traveling to see family members during the holiday period. (Especially regarding visiting older relatives who are vulnerable to Coronavirus). The government has urged people to be careful during this time, as the movement of large numbers of people can pose an increased risk.

Nevertheless, the UK government has confirmed that up to three families will be allowed to stay together in what is being called a ‘support bubble’ from the 23rd to the 27th of December. (This applies to Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England).

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Support bubbles and travel restrictions:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that people should exercise ‘personal judgment’ when they decide whether or not to visit older relatives during Christmas.

The government will lift travel restrictions across all four territories COVID-19 during the holidays to allow people to travel. People traveling to or from Northern Island may travel on the 22nd and 28th of December, but otherwise, the government will permit people to travel to and from bubbles between the 23rd and 27th. Once you form a bubble, you cannot alter or extend it further.

The UK government guidance says they will permit people within a bubble of three households to stay overnight at each other’s homes, but would not be able to visit retail or hospitality environments.

Guidance for Coronavirus and the Christmas holidays…

The guidance regarding travel concerning Coronavirus and the Christmas holidays comes in the context of 18,213 recorded cases of Covid-19 in the UK. The government has recorded 696 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

However, the most recent deaths may be from people who recorded infection before the government enacted the existing lockdown measures. Researchers predict the rising death toll will drop during December, although people must take great precautions over Christmas to avoid a ‘third wave’.