What is hypotension? Know the treatment in case of suffering it

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What is hypotension? In this article, the Nomenial team explore the symptoms and treatment.

It is produced when the heart beats more slowly, so it directly affects the rest of the organs of the human body, causing them not to receive the amount of blood that is necessary for their proper functioning.

Therefore, when a person suffers from hypotension, he may feel dizziness of different intensities and even faint.

This abnormal condition is caused in people because the physiological mechanisms that have the function of maintaining blood pressure at the proper levels, do not work in the way they should and send incorrect signals to the body.

In addition, there is the possibility that in conditions where people spend a lot of time standing, suffer from heavy bleeding, dehydration, various arrhythmias or diabetes, they may suffer from hypotension.

What to do in case of hypotension

We are going to explain to you now what to do in case of hypotension, so that if you or a family member suffers it, you can fully recover:

A. Lie the person down. If you find yourself dizzy, lie down on the floor, or help the person who is suffering from dizziness. With your legs up at a 45-degree angle.

Continue in this position for several minutes to help the body oxygenate properly and the brain recover.

B. Beware of hot days. During very hot days, try not to be exposed to the sun directly, as it can accelerate the appearance of this abnormal condition.

C. Drink water or other liquids. If the dizzy person can drink, it is important to give him/her water or drinks with sugar, so that he/she can stabilize the body. It is also possible to offer him/her a sweet if he/she has the ability to eat.

Also, something extremely important is not to give him/her anything in case the affected person has lost consciousness.

The first thing to do is to seek medical attention immediately or call the ambulence for help. It is also important to know the guidelines of what to do in case of hypotension.

It is also advisable to make sure that the person has a pulse and is breathing, since it may be necessary to start CPR.

D. Visit Your Doctor. After suffering a severe fainting spell or dizziness for several days, it is best to see a specialist to find out why, to prevent it from happening again, and to begin treatment for hypotension if necessary.

Hypotension, treatment to prevent it

Hypotension that shows no signs that something is not working well in our body, or that only causes some mild ones, usually does not require treatment.

On the other hand, if it shows signs that something is happening or there is some pathology, the treatment will be prescribed based on the ailment the person suffers.

In the case, for example, of hypotension caused by certain medications, the doctor usually reduces the doses, stops the treatment or looks for alternatives to it.

On the other hand, if it is not known exactly what produces it. It is always advisable to raise the blood pressure to alleviate the signs and effects that the person suffers.

On the other hand, depending on the age, the state of health of the person or the type of hypotension he or she suffers, he or she can follow a conservative treatment such as:

  • Increase water intake. Experts recommend increasing water intake since its effect is to increase blood volume and avoid dehydration.
  • Include more salt in your meals. In cases of hypertension, doctors often recommend limiting the amount of salt in your diet or eliminating it. In the case of hypotension, increasing the amount of sodium can help reduce or palliate it, in some cases. It is necessary to consult with the doctor before.
  • Wearing compression stockings to improve circulation. These stockings help reduce the accumulation of blood in the legs, improve circulation and prevent blood clots.

Drug-based treatment for hypotension

There are many medications for the treatment of hypotension, especially for that which occurs when the person is standing and suffers from dizziness. As well as others specific to each condition. But to clarify this section, we recommend that you have a check-up and talk to your family doctor.

Finally, we hope that this article on what hypotension is has solved your doubts. These guidelines will be useful in case you suffer it suddenly and if you, or a family member is suffering it continuously. We will always recommend you to visit your doctor first. Greetings from all the Nomenial team!