Residential Caregivers

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Residential Caregivers and not just in private homes is a need that is rising as the health of our families worsens. The fact is that private and personal caregivers attend both at home and in residences. Nomenial explores this topic in this article:

Residences that are not enough

There are many families who even when they admit their relative to a residence realize the loneliness that their relative will suffer. Therefore, they decide to have a private home caregiver to accompany their family member. According to the families themselves, the loneliness of older adult relatives is the main problem in both homes and residences.

In recent years, residences are taking care of older adults who are in a weaker state of health. Nowadays, families prefer their relatives to have total autonomy while they can. The home is the ideal place to promote autonomy and active aging.

In this way, residences play a caring role focused on the final phase of the health and illness of older adults.

Another solution for which families choose is to enter a private center while the problem of the public square is solved. However, the prices are much higher.

Supporting residential caregivers

The most economical and highest quality solution is to have a supportive caregiver who can take care of the person at home. In fact, this solution is being carried out to assist people admitted to the residence. The families are aware that, during the 14 hours that their family member is awake, the visits of the medical staff know very little. Therefore, having a supportive caregiver to combat loneliness is a solution increasingly in demand.

Talking, walking, giving food, changes in posture. These are some of the tasks that caregivers usually perform in nursing homes.

Caregivers in residences

The work of residential caretakers is very simple. Many caregivers apply for this type of job. In fact, it is not uncommon to have more than one candidate with specific training. This is one of the reasons why families decide to hire a caregiver to accompany older adults in the residence. In this way, both services are always combined in favor of an older adult, without being exclusive of each other.

In addition, unfortunately many homes are staffed with just the right people. And these can only dedicate a certain amount of time to each patient. This makes it possible for an older adult to have a parking lot in their final stage of life.

Home help services

This is the element that home help services fight against. Older people must have the necessary accompaniment, both in the phase of autonomy and in the final phase. With the promotion of autonomy and active aging we remove the feeling of loneliness and abandonment. Therefore, having the support of a specialized caregiver is essential. Both as caregivers in residence and at home, their work is positive in all aspects.