15 Food Myths for Senior Citizens

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15 Food Myths for the senior citizens. Explore the main myths about food and nutrition for older people and learn about the most shocking falsehoods. This is the list of the main myths and falsehoods commonly known and shared by society.

15 Food myths for senior citizens

The more income, the better nutrition.

Generally, the recommended foods are not those that are characterized by being more expensive. This has been a popularized and common belief since the Middle Ages. But senior citizens with greater purchasing power do necesarily eat better.

Foods that improve from their second day.

Referring especially to some salads and foods containing homemade sauces. These do not get better as the days go by, but on the contrary, the possibility of infection by germs increases.

Food preparation does not influence how healthy the food is.

This idea is false. While the oven and the grill are held to be healthier, frying is more harmful to health. Even more so for senior citizens: older people should avoid frying at all costs.

The vegetarian diet is the example of a healthy diet.

It is believed that to achieve balance, older people should eat eggs and dairy products. For this reason, the vegetarian diet has some deficiencies.

Senior citizens who are bedridden do not consume energy.

A person in bed should eat the same amount of healthy food. Contrary to popular belief, they still consume energy in bed.

Carbohydrates and proteins encourage obesity among senior citizens.

This would only happen if senior citizens based their diet only on these foods exclusively.

Loss of appetite is normal for senior citizens.

This idea is not only false but also alarming. Therefore, nutrition control and monitoring should be intensified when this has occurred. It tends to evolve in some diseases.

All senior citizens generally have a similar eating pattern.

This affirmation is totally false, and furthermore different diseasesand illnesses which affect senior citizens can influence to determine the specific diet.

Fatty fish are unhealthy for senior citizens. FALSE.

These fish, such as salmon or sardines, are recommended sporadically and a few times a week. Fish represent the amount of fat needed by the body of senior citizens. As we indicated in the previous post, fish are, in general, optimal for feeding senior citizens.

Onions increase life expectancy of senior citizens.

This idea is not proven, only that it is good for reducing or maintaining cholesterol in the senior citizens.

Fruit is not fattening fr senior citizens. FALSE.

There are fruits such as bananas that are fattening. While those that provide fewer calories are those rich in water like orange, tangerine, melon, watermelon and some vegetables like cucumber.

Egg is forbidden for withsenior citizens high cholesterol. FALSE.

It is recommended 2-3 per week, mostly cooked and not fried.

Senior citizens shoudln’t drink milk with fruit.

This is a myth as there is no scientific evidence to support this. The only thing that happens is the increase of gases because of the milk.

These are only 15 food myths for the senior citizens but there are many more that we will describe in future posts on our blog at Nomenial. For more information there is a very complete manual on various information on this topic.