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Diabetes: Bracelet That Measures Sugar Levels

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Diabetes has a new palliative remedy that will make life easier for many diabetics. From Mexico a new alternative which will allow patients to control their sugar levelsis being released. What is it? An intelligent device, a bracelet. Nomenial will explain more:

The first bracelet to control diabetes

This instrument, created in Mexico, allows one to measure the sugar level in the skin. This is the most relevant data for a person suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes is possibly one of the diseases with the greatest number of affected people. Although, fortunately, those who suffer it can lead a normal life.

The diabetes bracelet that controls the sugar level can be controlled by an app. The device will send to the app detailed information about the blood sugar levels. This bracelet, extracts a minimum amount of blood through a chemical and painless method. It also serves for periodic control of patients.

The bracelet is not yet commercialized, but the intention is that it will eventually reach the hands of the public authorities and the health system. This would be a great step and progress against diabetes. Or rather a great triumph for those affected. We must remember that worldwide there are 366 million people who suffer from it.

The bracelet is a control, not a remedy

The true remedy is found in the rhythm of life of each person. A bad diet is directly proportional to the increased likelihood of suffering from the disease. Other factors are obesity and the lack of exercise. Controlling these three factors is the routine treatment (aside from insulin) that is most effective in mitigating symptoms.

For those who suffer from diabetes, they know that taking care of themselves is the most important and guaranteed long-term remedy. Although it is true that there are different types of diabetes. Some are more advanced and others more incipient. And the treatment can vary between people, whether they are young or old.

For example, for a young person with type 2, sometimes insulin is prescribed. But at other times, just a good diet and exercise is enough. In both cases the bracelet that measures the sugar level is an idea instrument. Here at Nomenial we take the announcement of this diabetes bracelet as a positive sign in the ongoing fight.