Food for Senior Citizens

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Food, and also sport, are the most important factors in health, especially in senior citizens. Food is much more important in senior citizens. Why? Because sport is not so advisable at these ages and nutritional health takes on greater importance. In this article, we at Nomenial would like to offer some nutritional advice for senior citizens.

How to control nutrition in senior citizens

This depends on the state of the senior citizen and his or her degree of dependency. In many cases, the relatives are the ones who assume an active role in the diet of senior citizens. Therefore, it is important to take into account many aspects to know if the nutrition is correct. For example, food intake should be 4 to 5 times a day. This advice could be valid for all ages, but it is especially important for senior citizens.

Vegetables and fruit need to be present every day. The fruit should be served in 3 fruits distributed throughout the day, one large piece and two small pieces. And as for the vegetables, a main course and a salad is advisable.

Nutritional advice

1- Special attention should be paid to food containing fat and cholesterol. And one should eliminate them as much as possible.

2- Fish twice a week.

3- Rice, pasta and bread, better wholemeal, and daily.

4- Chicken or turkey 3 times a week.

5- Dairy, raw or boiled fruits and vegetables daily.

6- Reduce sugars and white flour.

7- Reduce sausages as much as possible, they have a lot of cholesterol.

8- Reduce salt.

9- Cooking methods, grilled or baked. The way of cooking is almost as important as the food, and above all avoid fried food.

10- Avoiding alcohol and reducing coffee and chocolate.

All of this has to be accompanied by drinking two liters of water a day and hydrating oneself continuously. Senior citizens and their families should be especially aware of a healthy diet. We are what food we eat.